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Our Philosphy


The Stanton community has many advantages for the nurture of young children. Tradition, stability, security and individual expression are part of the quality of life in our community. We believe that these are important elements to the full development of each child's potential. Our Child Resource Center is designed to provide services to the community and surrounding area that embody guiding policies. 




Families deserve an individualized quality experience for each child, helping them to develop. they deserve to know that those caring for their children are reliable, knowledgeable and comforting partners in caring for their child.

Stanton Child Resource Center is designed to partner with families in providing resources for effective parenting. working together with Health and Human Services, Local businesses and other educational/childcare providers to form a network of outreaches for families.

Our community in not highly affluent. Families in our area often have a concern for the cost of childcare that we strive to put to rest. SCRC makes every effort to keep cost manageable through local partnerships and financial stewardship.


622 Halland Ave 

Stanton, IA 51573

Phone & Fax

(712) 829 2801

Fax: (712) 829 2805



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