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Curriculum Statement

Stanton Child Resource Center Offers a nurturing child led learning environment that meets the interest, ages, diversity and developmental needs of each child. Our learning centers are set up to encourage and foster exploration through hands on materials that ensures access to all children. Each area of development; Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Health & safety, and Physical, is considered through teacher planned activities to cater to the needs of each child. 

Education Philosophy

Learning is obtained through both structured and unstructured activities. Throughout the day children engage in self-selected activities in various leaning centers of the classroom along with facilitated group activities led by teachers. Each day is planned to follow a predictable routine to foster structure and security in the children.

 Interest Centers Include:

  • Dramatic Play

  • Literacy 

  • Blocks

  • Art

  • Science, Motor skills & Manipulatives

  • Sensory

  • Quiet time

Contact Us

622 Halland Ave. Stanton, Iowa 51573

712-829-2801 Fax- 712-829-2805

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Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

6:00 am – 6:00 pm





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