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The Stanton Child Resource Center is ...


SCRC is a non-profit childcare center in Stanton, Iowa, committed to serving the area families.  The Stanton community has many advantages for the nurture of young children.  Tradition, stability, security and individual expression are part of the quality of life in our community.  We believe that these are important elements ot the full development of each child's potential.  Our child resource center is designed to provide services to the community and surrounding area that embody the following guiding principles:


1.  QUALITY:  Each child deserves a quality experience and the care that he or she needs to develop.  Parents deserve quality care for their children and resources for their parenting.  They deserve to know that those caring for their children are reliable, knowledgeable, and loving partners in caring for their child.


2.  COOPERATION:  The Stanton Child Resource Center is designed to be more than a day care facility.  It is a partnership with parents in providing resources for effective parenting.  Working together with social service agencies, health care agencies, local businesses, local educational agencies, and other childcare providers we seek to form a network of effective resources for parents and children.


3.  ECONOMY:  Our community is not a highly affluent area and concern for the cost of childcare resources is of concern to many parents.  Through building partnerships with local businesses and organizations every effort is made to manage costs.  Resource sharing, effective financial stewardship and avoiding duplication enables the Stanton Child Resource Center to keep costs manageable for area famlies.


The principle purpose of the Stanton Child Resource Center Incorporated shall be to provide resources to families and children, including by not limited to providing supervised educational, emotional, physical and social programs for children, and educational, developmental and support services to parents and families.

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